19.12.10Beomsik KimSW Framework cFS Porting
19.11.26Yukuan SunMetaPruning: Meta Learning for Automatic Neural Network Channel Pruning
19.11.12Kyusik ChoiVarious trials to get high accuracy in multi-phase network
19.11.07Jeonggyu Jang
19.11.07Heeji ImImprovement of CNN-based Road Extraction from Satellite Images via Morphological Image Processing
19.10.01Jeonggyu JangESWEEK presentation rehearsal
19.08.29Jonghun JeongAutomatic Convolution Neural Network Model Compression Framework for Resource-Constrained Embedded Systems
19.08.22Beomsik KimBackground of LEON/RTEMS
19.08.09Jeonggyu JangA SIMD-Aware Pruning Technique for Convolutional Neural Networks with Multi-Sparsity Levels
19.08.09Dasom LeeFramework to Automatically Create Lightweight Neural Networks
19.08.01Kyusik ChoiVarious progress of Multi-level Network with Runtime Configurable
19.08.01Beomsik KimNASA core Flight System (cFS) Background and Overview
19.07.26Heeji ImAnalysis of Semantic Segmentation in Satellite Images
19.07.26Jonghun JeongAnalysis and Optimization of CNN-based Super-resolution
19.07.18Hyunseok JeongContext-Aware Dataflow Adaptation Technique for Low-Power Multi-Core Embedded Systems
19.06.20Jonghun JeongMachine Learning with Low-Power Microprocessor
19.05.24Dasom LeeMachine Learning with Low-Power Microprocessor
19.05.16Kyusik ChoiRuntime Configurable method for Multi-level Network
19.05.16Beomsik KimLifetime Enhancement of Satellite Embedded Systems via Online Task Mapping and Frequency Assignment
19.05.02Hyunseok JeongMachine Learning with Low-Power Microprocessor
19.04.04Heeji ImAnalysis and Optimization for Satellite Image Semantic Segmentation
19.03.21Jeonggyu JangConvolution Layer by GEMM with SIMD
19.03.14Dasom LeeReal-Time Schedulability Analysis and Enhancement of Transiently Powered Processors with NVMs
19.02.28Jonghun JeongImplementing/analyzing super- resolution application
19.02.12Hyunseok Jeong
Context-Aware Dataflow Adaption Technique for Low-Power Multi-Core Embedded Systems
19.01.14Jeonggyu JangAccurate Image Super-Resolution Using Very Deep Convolutional Networks
Fully Convolutional Networks for Semantic Segmentation
19.01.03Jonghun JeongResearch Management and Collaboration Tool
18.12.27Hoeseok YangWelcome to MObile COmputing Lab.
18.12.27Beomsik KimThermal Cycling Aware Reliability Improvement for Satellite Payload Embedded Software
18.12.18Dasom LeeReal-Time Schedulability Analysis and Enhancement of Transiently Powered Processors with NVMs
18.12.06Kyusik ChoiIntroduction and Issue for Adaptive Multi-Phase Network by Pruning-Restoring Train
18.11.14Unhee Joh구조화된 요구사항 작성을 위한 STK 검사기
18.10.30Heeji ImIntroduction of RISC-V
18.10.18Hyunseok Jeong
Real-Time Schedulability Analysis and Enhancement of Transiently Powered Processors with NVMs
18.10.12Jeonggyu JangAdaptive_Multi-Phase_Network_by_Pruning–Restoring_Train
18.08.30Dasom LeeReal-time scheduling with Non-Volatile Processor
18.07.12Jeonggyu JangAdaptive Multi-Phase Network by Pruning–Restoring Train
18.06.14Jaeseo Noh & Unhe Jo융합 전자 연구 발표 리허설 및 토의
18.06.07Hyunseok Jeong
DAC Presentation Draft Feedback
18.06.07Dasom LeeCommunication Method Between HPS and FPGA
(Wait signal, Burst Transfer)
18.05.31Hoeseok YangWelcome to Mobile Computing Lab.
(Lab Introduction)
18.05.24Kyoseung KooExperimental Problems in ODROID-XU3 about OpenCV
18.05.17Kyusik ChoiIntroduction to Neural Network Project and Impact of Changing Dataset
18.05.03Kyoseung KooFive ways not to fool yourself
or: designing experiments for understanding performance
18.04.12Dasom LeeEnergy-Aware Memory Mapping for Hybrid FRAM-SRAM MCUs in Intermittently-Powered IoT Device
18.04.05Hyunseok Jeong
Introduction to NVM Project & Communication Method Between HPS and FPGA using 32bit-Register
18.03.30Jeonggyu JangSqueezeNet: AlexNet-level Accuracy with 50x Fewer Parameters and <0.5MB Model Size
18.03.15Kyusik ChoiRetraining Inception V3 and Model Management Techniques in Tensorflow
18.03.08Kyoseung KooSatisfying QoS under Application Interference State
18.03.02Dasom LeeCommucation between ARM core and FPGA
18.02.21Hyunseok Jeong
Experiment with Various Mode Switching Methods using DAL
-해외 출장으로 인한 온라인 세미나 진행
17.12.20-RTOS Seminar
17.11.30Jeonggyu JangReinforcement learning - Deep Q-Network
17.11.24Kyusik ChoiRocketlogger - Mobile Power Logger for Prototyping IoT Devices
17.11.17Kyoseung KooBuild uCOS-II Application on board with NIOS II Processor
17.11.02Dasom LeeReview: Improving Reliability through Task Recomputation in Heterogeneous Multi-core Embedded Systems (2013)
17.10.27Hyunseok Jeong
Analysis and Profiling for OpenCV Parallelization
17.09.28Jeonggyu JangRTOS (Real-Time Operation System) Wind River - VxWorks
17.09.21Kyusik Choi현재 연구실 홈페이지에 대한 고찰과 새로운 홈페이지 제작 토의
17.09.14Kyoseung KooInternal Adaption with Neural Network
17.09.07Dasom LeeLinux Kernel Camp 2017 - Memory
Hyunseok Jeong
Improvement of Power Model for Context-Aware Stereo-Vision
Jeonggyu JangNLP with python(NL to controlled NL)
Kyusik Choi경신 과제와 Openpyxl
Dasom LeeControlled Natural Language Survey
Kyoseung KooAn Online Self-Adaptive System Management Technique for Multi-Core Systems With Neural Network
Hyunseok Jeong
Dynamic Profiling Tool using TAU
17.05.19 Jeonggyu JangExecutable Dataflow Benchmark Generation Technique for Multi-Core Embedded Systems
17.05.11 Kyoseung KooAgile and Extreme Programming

17.04.05Dasom LeeIEC 62304 review & V model
17.03.22Hyunseok Jeong
Modified Stereo Vision Concept and Workload Profiling
17.03.15Hojin AhnCFS and HMP scheduler
17.03.08Jeonggyu JangHOPES of Parallel Embedded Software
17.03.03Kyoseung KooDeep Learning with Caffe and NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute
17.02.24Dasom LeeFaster R-CNN
17.02.16Hyunseok Jeong
DAL Specification of Context-Aware Stereo Vision Algorithm at the Ordroid-XU3
17.02.03Hojin AhnHMP Migration
16.11.23Hyunseok Jeong
Improving Context-Aware Real-Time Stereo Vision using Duo3D


19.12.23Heeji ImBeyond the Pixel-Wise Loss for Topology-Aware Delineation
19.12.03Seongik JangReliability-Aware Mapping Optimization of Multi-Core Systems with Mixed-Criticality
19.11.26Beomsik KimAnalysis and Optimization of Soft Error Tolerance Strategies for Real-time Systems
19.11.12Jonghun JeongEfficient Structured Pruning and Architecture Searching for Group Convolution
19.10.08Seongik JangTask-Level Re-Execution Framework for Improving Fault Tolerance on Symmetry Multiprocessors
19.10.01Kyusik ChoiSlimmable Neural Networks
19.08.29Heeji ImFully Convolutional Network for Automatic Road Extraction from Satellite Imagery
19.08.22Hyunseok JeongAccuracy vs. Efficiency: Achieving Both through FPGA-Implementation Aware Neural Architecture Search
19.07.18Dasom LeeDeepThings: Distributed Adaptive Deep Learning Inference on Resource-Constrained IoT Edge Clusters
19.07.12Kyusik ChoiFilter Pruning via Geometric Median for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Acceleration
19.06.28Heeji ImRethinking Atrous Convolution for Semantic Image Segmentation (DeepLab V3)
19.06.28Jeonggyu JangThe Lottery Ticket Hypothesis: Finding Sparse, Trainable Neural Networks
19.06.20Hyunseok JeongOnline Human Activity Recognition using Low-Power Wearable Devices
19.06.07Beomsik KimHigh-Reliability FPGA-Based Systems Space, High-Energy
19.06.07Jeonggyu JangScalpel: Customizing DNN Pruning to the Underlying Hardware Parallelism
19.05.24Jonghun JeongPruning Filters for Efficient Convnets
19.05.09Heeji ImAerial LaneNet: Lane Marking Semantic Segmentation in Aerial Imagery using Wavelet-Enhanced Cost-sensitive Symmetric Fully Convolutional Neural Networks
19.05.09Dasom LeeCMSIS-NN: Efficient Neural Network Kernels for Arm Cortex-M CPUs
19.05.02Kyusik ChoiChannel Prunign for Accelerating Very Deep Neural Network
19.03.28Heeji ImMobileNets: Efficient Convolutional Neural Networks for Mobile Vision Applications
19.03.28Hyunseok JeongDynamic Energy Burst Scaling for Transiently Powered Systems
19.03.21Beomsik KimImproving System-Level Lifetime Reliability of Multicore Soft Real-Time Systems
19.03.14Jonghun JeongFast Training of Convolutional Networks through FFTs
19.03.07Kyusik ChoiCharacterising Across-Stack Optimisations for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
19.03.07Beomsik KimMitigation of Thermo-cycling effects in Flip-chip FPGA-based Space-borne Systems by Cyclic On-chip Task Relocation
19.02.28Dasom LeeGraceful Performance Modulation for Power-Neutral Transient Computing System, Hibernus++: A Self-Calibrating and Adaptive System for Transiently-Powered Embedded Devices
19.02.12Kyusik ChoiIntroduction and Issue for Adaptive Multi-Phase Network by Pruning-Restoring Train
19.01.14Heeji ImU-Net : Convolutional Networks for Biomedical Image Segmentation
19.01.03Hyunseok JeongAn Extensible System Simulator for Intermittently Powered Multiple Peripheral IoT Devices
18.12.13Jeonggyu JangEfficient Sparse-Winograd Convolutional Neural Networks
18.12.06Jaeseo NohPruning Convolutional Neural Networks for Resource Efficient Inference
18.11.19Dasom LeeICCAD PAPER (Dynamic Resource Management for Heterogeneous Many-cores, EMAT: An Efficient Multi-Task Architecture for Transfer Learning using ReRAM)
18.11.14Beomsik KimCo-Scheduling on Fused CPU-GPU Architectures
18.10.30Kyusik ChoiProgress in Adaptive Multi-Phase method in Network Compression and Introduction of ONNX
18.10.18Unhee Jo구간분할과 논항정보를 이용한 구문분석시스템 구현에 관한 연구
18.10.12Heeji ImThe Component Software Challenge for Real-Time Systems
18.08.30Jaeseo NohPackNet : Adding Multiple Tasks to a Single Network by Iterative Pruning
18.08.16Beomsik KimCompact Thermal Modeling for Temperature-Aware Design
18.07.19Dasom LeeEnergy-Adaptive Scheduling of Imprecise Computation Tasks for QoS Optimization in Real-Time MPSoC Systems
Training For Deep Neural Networks
18.05.24Jeonggyu JangResNeXt Aggregated Residual Transformations for Deep Neural Networks
18.05.17Jaeseo NohCompression of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Fast and Low Power Mobile Applications
18.05.03Kyusik ChoiLCNN: Lookup-based Convolutional Neural Network
18.04.12Kyoseung KooDesigning Energy-Efficient Convolution Neural Networks using Energy-Aware Pruning
18.03.30Dasom LeeEnergy Optimization for Data Allocation with Hybrid SRAM + NVM SPM (TCAS-I, 2018)
18.03.15Hyunseok JeongPinatubo: A Processing-in-Memory Architecture for Bulk Bitwise Operations in Emerging Non-volatile Memories
18.03.08Jeonggyu JangTACLeBench: A Benchmark Collection to Support Worst-Case Execution Time Research